More than regular foods, the habit of snacking is found to be a major cause of unhealthy eating and obesity. Many people think of snacking as a pastime. They just grab a bite in the midst of work, while relaxing at home or while watching television.

In the process of unbridled snacking, people often end up with insurmountable levels of bad fats in their system exposing them to a host of health problems.

According to a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, a research team speaks of a study at Universite Laval that indicated a penchant amongst intellectual workers to overdo the snacking routine.

If you are part of this industry, be careful that you do not snack your way to bad health and ailments. Check out the four tips that can help you cut back on this urge:

1. Hold on: Just hold your overwhelming desire to eat a snack for about 15 minutes. Do not impulsively take the plunge as soon as you feel like having a particular snack. This is a trick that dieticians often prescribe for their clients attempting to lose weight. Keeping the desire to snack at bay is the simplest and often most efficient way of ditching the habit

2. Go for the healthy snack: Replace chocolate ice cream with a healthier snack. Your preference for healthier alternatives can gradually reduce your habit of chomping on something all through the day. Try and carry fruits with you and replace that evening burger with an apple

3. Engaging in activities like walking can help you eliminate the urge to eat. If you can succeed in forging up a snazzy dialogue with a friend across the room, you will soon see your snacking desire getting overcome by a desire to continue the conversation.

4. Water: Drinking some plain water as soon as you feel like having your favorite snack may help you stay away from reaching out for that Vanilla tart. Of course, if you can carry health drinks to work and take a good swig every time you feel the urge to snack, not only will the habit die down, it will also leave behind better health.