Wearing high heels is not just a style statement anymore. It is often seen as a fashion accessory that works in tandem with tight-fitting dresses and enhances a woman’s looks. However, stiletto heels also pose several hazardous effects on a woman’s health.

Medial research has suggested that prolonged use of high heels raises the risk of back and foot diseases. They can also cause a stress on the nerves in the feet that may result in acute pain. Regular use of high heels may also cause women to lose strength in their legs.

Among the various heeled footwear, the pointed stilettos are said to be the worst in terms of damaging the physical health of the wearer. High heels can cause hip muscles in your legs to work harder to move and pull your body forward as they put the maximum pressure in trying to maintain body balance.

High heels can also affect your toes leading to blisters and foot infections. Still, women find their stilettos so alluring that they can't resist. Here are a few tips that will help you minimize the damage and cut down adverse health effects while wearing your favorite pair:

1) Limit the height of the heels to one inch only, it could help you obviate possible high-heel related injuries or keep it to the minimum. If you are keen on higher heels, try and find shoes that have padding on the toes as well.

2) Take off your heels every few minutes and give your feet a quick massage. It is a good idea to remove the stilettos while sitting behind your desk. You can massage each leg with the other. Use your heels to massage the toes of the other foot.

3) Choose heels that can prevent the foot from sliding forward so that you can avoid the pressure on your toes.

4) Try to avoid wearing high heels to places that do not call for such ornate footwear. It is good to remember that good health and fashion do not always go hand in hand.