Those who follow various dental treatments, often from online sources are at the risk of losing tooth enamel and damage their gums. Methods like cleaning teeth in baking soda, ash and hydrogen peroxide harm the teeth beyond treatment, experts have warned.

Desperate teenage girls in look out for a set of sparkling teeth often fall for these DIY techniques available free online rather than visiting a dentist and seek professional help.

Experts say that are websites inundated with silly advices like brushing the teeth in soap, salt, baking soda, bleach and hydrogen peroxide. These are hazardous as some of the methods can eat up the enamel cover on the teeth, absence of which can make the teeth look dull, darker.

Professor Andrew Eder, clinical director of the London Tooth Whitening Centre said, “There seems to be a growing concern among teens about their teeth, and the internet offers many whitening recipes, some of these have the potential to damage healthy teeth.”

He said use of baking soda more often can strip the enamel coating, leaving the teeth browner and more sensitive. Similarly, salt scratches the enamel and acids can also damage teeth beyond repair.