Eating fruits and vegetables might reduce risk of type-2 diabetes, according to a new study published in the journal Diabetes Care.

For the study, the researchers examined the incidence of type-2 diabetes in 3,704 adults in comparison to the quantity of fruit and vegetables that they ate in a week.

653 people in the study group developed diabetes during the study period of 11 years.

The researchers found that people who ate many types of fruits and vegetables were at reduced risk of developing diabetes in time-span of 11 years. Also, at lower risk of developing diabetes were people who ate more quantity of vegetables.

A review on earlier studies on the topic “effect of fruits and vegetables intake on incidence diabetes” points to a slightly different direction. This study is published in the journal Clinical Diabetes.

The researchers looked at studies that were conducted to draw relationships between intakes of fruit and vegetables. Their combined data included some 223,000 participants with mean age ranged from 30-74 years. All the studies had mentioned about the fruit and vegetable quantity that the participants ate during the study period.

The researchers, Crystal Wiley Cene and colleagues, found no “statistically significant reduction in risk of type 2 diabetes incidence for consumption of fruit and vegetables, or fruit and vegetables combined.”

“Fruit intake was not associated with the incidence of diabetes in this population (64,191 women with no history of diabetes type-2). Our data suggest that vegetable consumption may protect against the development of type-2 diabetes,” report Raquel Villegas and colleagues in a study published in the Journal of Nutrition. The study looked at the relation between fruit and vegetable intake and the risk of diabetes type-2 in Chinese women.

There are number of studies that give conflicting results about eating fruits and vegetables and the reduced risk of diabetes type-2. However, experts do agree that proper diet, exercise or lifestyle changes can go a long way in dealing with diabetes type-2.