Humans have been evolving since before they were even really humans, and that trend is going to continue long after everyone currently alive on Earth is dead. Certain patterns give us clues to where that evolution is headed.

According to SciShow, women are getting shorter and heavier because those traits are prevalent in more fertile women and they pass them on to their kids. And everyone’s brains are getting smaller, although the reason behind that is a little more complicated. It could be because society has tamed the human animal and we usually don’t have to focus on things like evading predators anymore, or it could be because civilization has created a division of labor that doesn’t require individuals to retain as much information.

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In future human evolution, genetic engineering will also likely play a role. We have already fiddled with evolution through medicine by fighting off diseases and keeping people alive longer. With genetic engineering, parents may soon be able to design their kids by eye color, height and other characteristics. Host Michael Aranda explains, “Whether the changes are natural or artificial, humans of the future might be very different.” Watch the video to find out more.

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