A gynecologist in Ohio has been stripped of the medical license he had held since 1993 following inappropriate sexual encounters with two patients, hereby known as “Patient 1” and “Patient 2.” Dr. Kurt Froehlich, now known as the “G-spot” doctor, admitted to helping two female patients, who were also employees at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati, find their G-spot before “stimulating them to orgasm.”

The State Medical Board of Ohio rejected a hearing examiner’s recommendation to suspend Froehlich for at least a year, instead moving to permanently revoke his license. The 48-year-old OB/GYN would go on to testify that his inappropriate behavior was caused by the death of his mother-in-law, trouble with this medical practice, his prostate cancer diagnosis, and a specific diet he was following, The Smoking Gun reported.

During Froehlich’s first appointment with Patient 1 in 2010, he testified that she asked him “a question about arousal and the location of the ‘G-spot’” and “asked if I would show her where it is.” Although he did admit to “putting on a glove, doing an exam again, just showing her basically where it is,” Froehlich said he “did not stimulate Patient 1 to orgasm at that time.”

The next appointment Froehlich held with Patient 1, he testified that, again, she asked if he would help locate her G-spot. This time around, Froehlich admitted that “he stimulated her to orgasm in a call room of the hospital.” The pair had sex at Bethesda North Hospital a week after that encounter. Froehlich testified, “The next day when I made rounds, I just said that she’s married, I’m married, we shouldn’t be doing this, this is not the person who I want to be; she agreed.”

Froehlich called his encounter with Patient 2 in 2012 “a very brief relationship,” also saying they “did not have sex.” He testified that one night in an administrative room at Bethesda North the girl asked him to show her where her G-spot was. He admitted that he did “stimulate her to orgasm” that night at the hospital. Neither of Froehlich’s G-spot instructional sessions were listed in the medical records of either patients.

Froehlich later said that faced with a request similar to these two patients, he would usually “diagram a picture of where anatomically it is and how the best way to reach it is.” This is not the first time Froehlich has been asked to answer for his inappropriate behavior with patients. Back in 2013 he pleaded no contest to assaulting a female medical assistant who testified that he slipped his hand under her shirt and groped her breast.