Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ first TV interview since she was shot in the head aired Monday, revealing astonishing images of the tough and inspiring recovery she has gone through the last 10 months.

Giffords was shot in the head by a gunman during a public event on January 8 where six more people died. Had the bullet that entered Giffords' brain gone a little lower or higher, she could have never walked or talked again, according to the interview, which aired on ABC.

In the interview Giffords, who has not completely recovered and spoke in brief sentences utilizing few words, says she is feeling "pretty good...difficult...strong, strong, strong."

Giffords can't yet speak in long sentences but she could understand the questions asked of her and answered coherently.

The former Congresswoman smiled throughout the interview. She was holding the hand of husband Mark Kelly, an astronaut who has served with NASA. She complimented him, saying he was “brave.”

The interview is the first to show exclusive footage of Giffords’ recovery.

Kelly said that he made the tape because he knew Giffords was going to recover and ask what it was like. He also wanted to astonish her skeptics.

Most of the footage aired Monday was of Giffords in therapy sessions at the hospital. Among them are very emotional moments when she breaks down with one of her therapists as she is struggling to talk. Other footage shows her walking again for the first time.

Watch an excerpt of the interview below: