Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, who was captured by Libyan by 15 fighters in the Libyan desert on Saturday denied he has been in contact with the International Criminal Court and has an injured hand.

Gaddafi, who is being held by militiamen in a mountain stronghold by fighters from the Libyan town of Zintan, had been wanted on war crime charges by the ICC which is based in The Hague, Netherlands.

Libya’s Prime Minister-designate Abdurrahim El-Keib told reporters at a press conference on Saturday that Gaddafi would be given a fair trial, according to Reuters.

Gaddafi, whose father died after being captured alive by rebels last month, was seen nursing his right hand, bandaged around the thumb and two fingers, the agency reported.

Gaddafi denied a report from The Hague that he had been in contact with the ICC through intermediaries.

“It’s all lies. I’ve never been in touch with them,” he said.

Gaddafi responded to a reporter on Saturday who asked if he was ok by saying “yes.”

When the reporter pointed to his injured hand, the captive replied “Air force, air force.”

When he was asked if it was NATO, he said: “Yes. One month ago.”