Pregnant women who face nausea in pregnancy could be have a family history of such condition.

Researchers from ULCA and USC say that women whose family members also had nausea during pregnancy were 17 per cent more likely to have the same condition. The condition is also called as extreme morning sickness and more than 60,000 women are hospitalized in the US a year for treatment. This also could lead to termination of the pregnancy.

The study advises women with family history of morning sickness to inform the medical practitioners about the condition.

"Pregnant women with a family history of extreme nausea in pregnancy should be aware that they may have it too," said lead author Marlena Fejzo, assistant professor of hematology–oncology at UCLA of maternal and fetal medicine at USC. "The high familial prevalence strongly suggests a genetic component to this condition."

The study is published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.