Georgina McConnell,19, may be a star in the world of bodybuilding but she’s a victim of bullying in the world of Facebook.

“I'm happy with who I am, I know what I'm doing and I'm doing it for me, I don't see muscle as anything masculine at all,” McConnell posted on her Facebook fanpage earlier this month, adding, "I've had a great upbringing no issues with anything like that."

The British teenager is a bodybuilder who has dedicated her life (and diet) to training. Earlier this summer, her strict regimen paid off in gold when she won a medal in the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation North East Championships. McConnell, who trains at the professional bodybuilder gym Maxxmuscle in Hetton Le Hole, aims for the British Championships, which will take place in October.

'I was delighted to qualify for the championships, but I am having to be very careful with what I eat,” she told The Daily Mail.

Along with mealtime, her hard work causes difficulties at other times as well such as when she goes outside without hiding her considerable physique.

“People stare at me - especially at my arms and shoulders,” Georgina told The Daily Mail. “I get a lot of compliments for my physique, but I get a lot of insults too - quite a few people have said nasty things about me in the past.”

It happens online as well. Though there’s no current evidence to be found on her fanpage, she clearly was responding to Facebook haters when she posted this comment earlier in the month: “I personally don't know where people get off being really really harsh about the way someone looks… wouldn't dream of saying half of the stuff that gets said about me I have done nothing wrong at all, I'm just being me.”

Along with this medal-worthy show of spunk, McConnell offered a healthy message to one and all: “Why not try some hard work for a change and eating right.”