Larger breasts, swollen ankles, severe mood swings and a wide belly. All these are the consequences of a healthy pregnancy, and believe it or not, they can affect your love life and marriage. In spite of them, however, just remember that in nine months you’ll give life to a gorgeous baby — your baby. And that boy or girl will make you a complete human being. Happiness awaits! And yet, some couples deal with all kinds of changes and challenges throughout the pregnancy process. Learning to conquer these challenges can strengthen the family bond, but it will take some work. Here are some tips for keeping the love alive during pregnancy.

Love during pregnancy

Women deal with a lot of tough things during pregnancy. Some are terrified by the idea of caring for a baby; others can’t wait to give birth. A pregnancy can get in the way of your love life, and that’s a proven fact. Your daily mood swings and hormonal imbalances might interfere with your judgment. Don’t be afraid if you wake up one day and start screaming at your partner that you want ice cream. That’s perfectly normal!

Understand your emotions

Pregnancy leads to a lot of mixed feelings. You can end up feeling great only to end up screaming and shouting a few minutes later. Don’t freak out and learn to control your emotions. Communicate with your partner, and find a way to reach common ground. Settle on a “safe word” that can be used to avoid a fight. Stop talking if your partner says that word, and take some time to breathe. Not only will this help you and your partner’s relationship, but it’ll be healthier for the baby as well.

Pregnancy makes you feel ugly

It’s shouldn’t but it does. Pregnancy makes a lot of women feel unattractive. And yet your partner won’t think any less of you just because you’re pregnant; on the contrary, in his eyes you are and will always be the most beautiful woman in his life. You just have to act like it. Stop complaining and find creative ways to keep your love life afloat.

Feeling cranky and bloated is normal, but these health conditions will probably stop you from having sex. In the long run, this can affect your married life. So rather than focus on the negative aspects of a pregnancy, why not focus on the benefits? Showcase a confident attitude; it can go a very long way!

Stop ignoring your partner

Pregnancy makes women lose interest in their partners. They begin focusing entirely on the baby, which may interfere with their married life. Don’t ignore your better half as this might get in the way of your love life. Find time for both, and be as supportive as possible. Allow them as much time as possible with the baby too. Talk to them together, participate in daily activities together, and just be happy. Make time for your partner exclusively. Go out for a fancy dinner and have a normal couple’s conversation without having to mention the baby every three minutes.

Reconnect physically

Finding romance when you’re seven months pregnant can be incredibly challenging. And yet it’s not something you can’t achieve. Pregnant women who are in the first trimester are icky and moody. Their body starts to change and their bellies begin to grow. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sex like you used to. Talk about the way you feel with your partner and give it a go; you might go through some embarrassing situations, so just be prepared for anything. Make your love life fun and enjoyable, and your partner won’t even notice the difference in your body.

Get ready for parenting

How do you get ready for parenting? Is there a manual you can read to make things better? While there are, real life parenting is a lot more challenging. There’s no exact recipe to tell you how to raise a child. Be ready to make mistakes, but learn from them and move on. Bringing a child into this world demands a lot of preparation. Both you and your partner must prepare physically and mentally, so that your child can grown in a united and happy family.

Bottom line is pregnancy does change a relationship. However it can change it for the better and not for the worse. It’s very important to communicate with your better half on a daily basis. Talk about your mood swings and if you need time alone, ask for it. Last but not least, don’t ignore your life love. Be creative and make the bond you share with your partner unbreakable.

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