Giant Hornets In China Leave Swiss Cheese-Like Holes In Human Flesh [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

The giant hornets in China have already killed 42 people. Devon Henderson, All Rights Reserved

The recent fatalities and injuries caused by the giant hornets in China have been plastered all over the recent news. The current death toll is at 42, while 1,675 other individuals remain injured. The numbers are likely to continue rising.

The Vespa mandarinia, also known as the Asian giant hornet, grows to be around 2.2 inches in length on average. In the central Chinese province of Shaanxi for the past three months, doctors have been toiling away to treat the reported 37 victims who have been hospitalized.

The images and screenshots of the hornet stings (below) are courtesy of LiveLeak. They show how the venom penetrates the human skin, leaving deep holes in the flesh.

Killer Hornet Injury The venom is so strong that it can penetrate human flesh. Live Leak

Patients In China Over 1,400 people have been injured and the numbers keep increasing. Live Leak

Swiss Cheese-Like Holes People are urged to seek immediate medical attention if stung by one of these bees. Live Leak

"Most of the attacks have taken place in the cities of Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo and involved farmers and other people working," LiveLeak reports.

Local authorities are doing their best to contain the situation and destroy the hornet hives.