A 3-year-old girl’s first visit to the hair salon would become more than just an average haircut; her hair would be used for a good cause. Emily James vowed to cut 7 inches off her hair, alongside her Rapunzel doll “Dolly,” to donate her luscious, long locks of love to pediatric cancer patients. The event was documented by her parents, Amy and Rich James, who knew their daughter would steal the show with her “cuteness and spunky character.”

“What Emily did, that was most meaningful to us … was that Emily was willing to give something that she had a lot of, something that could be of great meaning to another person,” Amy James wrote in her blog, FlyPress Films. The selfless and adorable little girl was born with a lot of hair, James wrote, noting that “her thick, full head-of dark hair with frosted blonde tips,” gained a lot of attention at the hospital while the nurses gathered around in wonderment. The Jameses and Emily believed her hair was long enough to help others at 3 years old.

“I don’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair,” Emily says in the video. “What I want to do is give them my hair.” At the Canadian toddler’s request, the Jameses took her to Uncle Matthew, also known as Matthew Collins, who is the co-owner of Brennen Demelo Studios in Toronto. Emily admires her stylish bob in the video, while holding Dolly, and says Uncle Matthew “is the best hair-cutter in the world.”

The 3-year-old’s hair was sent to the salon 360 Hair in Langley, British Columbia, which accepts hair lengths as short as 6 inches as part of their wig donation program. The hair donation program is working with the Canadian Cancer Society who offers free, fully customized wigs for pediatric cancer patients under the age of 19. Hair donors are asked to send their contact information so the wig recipient can send a note of gratitude to the donor.