Girls as young as 13 are getting contraceptive jabs at school during lunch hours, says a new survey from UK, according to The Daily Telegraph

Some 900 girls have received a contraceptive injections and implants from their school nurses since 2010 without any parental consent. Another 7400 teens have been given treatments at family planning clinics, The Daily Star reported.

"Anything that trivialises or treats it as something mundane or easy, particularly for young people, is damaging their ability to grow up and to properly form a loving lasting relationship. It devalues sex, it makes it like an ordinary, everyday thing like going to have a McDonald's," said Anthony Seldon, the master of Wellington College, reports The Telegraph.

A survey done by The Daily telegraph showed that 13-year-olds have been given the contraceptive injection 19 times, 14-year-olds were given 129 times, and 16-year-olds 92 times.

A recent report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, had found that girls in the U.S. have started to delay sex and are now using more birth control than before. According to the study more than half of girls (57 percent) in the age group 15-19 said that they never had sex. More number of younger teenagers aged 15-17; approximately 70 percent reported that they did not have any sex than older teenagers. Some 60 percent teenagers reported that they used contraceptive devices like IUD or hormonal methods.

"Young people under the age of 16 are legally able to access contraceptive and sexual health services and any advice given will be kept confidential. However, the health professional must always encourage a young person to talk to their parents about their sexual health," said Dr Dan Poulter, health minister, UK.