A new study has found that people who drink milk score higher on memory and brain function tests.

Having at least one glass of milk every day could not only boost your intake of key nutrients, but it could also benefit your brain and mental performance, according to a recent study in the International Dairy Journal.

After putting 900 men and women ages 23 to 98 through a series of brain tests researchers from the University of Maine found that adults who have higher intakes of milk and milk products were five times less likely to “fail” the test compared to people who don’t drink milk.

The researchers said that there was something about milk intake specifically that offered the brain health advantage, as milk drinkers scored significantly higher on memory and other brain function tests, which included visual-spatial, verbal and working memory tests.

The researchers suggest that some of milk's nutrients may have a direct effect on brain function and that "easily implemented lifestyle changes that individuals can make present an opportunity to slow or prevent neuropsychological dysfunction."

The authors noted that the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend three glasses of low fat or fat free milk daily for adults and each 8-ounce glass contains nine essential nutrients Americans need, including calcium and vitamin D.

“Whether in a latte, in a smoothie, on your favorite cereal, or straight from the glass, milk at breakfast can be a key part of a healthy breakfast that help sets you up for a successful day.”