A Brooklyn woman claims that her voice was irreparably damaged when she ingested a piece of glass while eating a McDonald's chicken sandwich.

In a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court Friday, Jacqueline Simpson said that her voice has been "hoarse" and "rattly" since eating a chicken sandwich at a McDonald's in Manhattan in 2010. Simpson is a local gospel singer and works as a clerk for the state attorney general's office.

"I have to make a lot of calls for work," said Simpson. "I have to tell people that I'm not a man. Before, that never happened."

In a statement to The Huffington Post, Paul Goodman, who operates multiple McDonald's restaurants in Manhattan said, "Rest assured that we take these matters very seriously. Providing safe food and beverages is a priority at my restaurant." Goodman went on to say that he is gathering facts and has begun an investigation into the matter.

What's more, Simpson is not the first customer to discover a distasteful surprise in her McDonald's food. Over the past 20 years, people who have dined at the fast food restaurant have put themselves at risk of more than just a growing waistline. Here is a list of the five strangest things customers have found, and occasionally eaten, in their McDonald's meals:

5. Condom: A Chicago-area toddler ate a used condom he found in a McDonald's play area. (No, it wasn't found in the food but the severity of the offense is worth a mention.)

4. Maggots: In 2011, an Australian man claimed that his Big Mac had 20 to 30 maggots crawling over the meat patties.

3. Nose Ring: Just last year, a Georgia woman found a nose ring in her four-year-old daughter's breakfast burrito.

2. Nail: A Swedish man chomped down a two-centimeter long nail in his McDonald's burger.

1. Dead Rat: Dallas Cowboys assistant coach Todd Haley's wife found a dead rat in her salad... halfway through eating it.