Defensive lineman Isiah Dunning, weighing in at 270 lbs., is a force to be reckoned with on the football field for Grand Valley State. Unfortunately, the Lakers will be without the services of the Grand Rapids, Mich., native for half of the upcoming season after Dunning's teammate Zach Jolly ran him over with a pickup truck.

“I know it wasn’t intentional. I know Jolly. He’s a good guy. It was an accident, and things happen. But there really wasn’t much to say beyond that,” Dunning told MLive Sports. “There’s a reason things happen and I’m just working to get back as soon as I can.”

The accident occurred early Friday morning while the team was heading to the campus cafeteria for breakfast. Jolly’s vehicle that was reportedly moving at around 5 mph changed lanes to avoid another car that was merging. Dunning was struck by the vehicle after stepping into the street.

“Isiah was walking along the grass, stepped out from the curb and Zach Jolly, one of our guys, struck him with a pickup truck,” Dunning’s coach Matt Mitchell told MLive Sports. “EMS was called and, it was kind of bad at the time, but after the X-rays and CAT scans, it was nothing life-threatening. But he will be out four to six weeks and that’s very tough.”

Dunning, who was expected to start full-time at defensive end this season, was transported to a nearby hospital where doctors addressed his dislocated shoulder, back spasms, and neck pain. Local police said there was no fault in the matter.

“It was just one of those things that happens out of nowhere; I was just hit and was falling toward the ground,” Dunning added. “My face was falling toward the curb and I put my right arm out to break my fall and that’s when my shoulder dislocated.”