According to the U.S. Fire Rescue Administration, nearly 6,500 grill fires result in nearly $27 million in property loss a year. Seventy percent of these fires occur at residential homes, and the months of May, June, and July see the highest rates of these incidents.

Memorial Day barbecues are only a few days away, so we’ve compiled a few videos to demonstrate what not to do. Always take extra care whenever using your barbecue grill.

1. How Not To Light A Grill

2. When The Lighter Fluid Canister Catches On Fire

3. The Fire That Just Won't Stop

4. "What An Idiot"

5. Just Wait For Him To Take The Top Off

6. It's Not Ruined, Eat Up

7. Just Put Some Barbecue Sauce On It

8. Be a Man About It, Light The Fire

9. You Need To Do Something About That, Man

10. Apron Caught On Fire