Jet, a black Labrador who has been Jessica Cowley’s guide dog for five years, is also now a hero for rescuing her baby son from being hit by a car.

Cowley, 28, is legally blind with tunnel vision. She was walking down the street in Leigh, England with her son in a stroller when Jet suddenly broke free from her grasp, pushing the baby out of the way of an oncoming car believed to have been hit from behind by another car.

Though the stroller fell over, baby Jacob was able to emerge with only a cut on his lip. Cowley, meanwhile, was knocked over face down onto the ground by the car, but wasn’t severely injured aside from bruising. Jet then ran over to Cowley, licking her face to check that she was fine.

“[Jet] loves Jacob and thinks of him as her own," Cowley told The Telegraph. "What she did was extremely brave and I am very proud of her.”

Caroline Purnell, a veterinarian from a nearby vet office who happened to observe Jet saving the child, told The Telegraph:

"We feel that she really demonstrated exactly how important these dogs are. She showed no concern for her own safety and went to protect her handler's child before helping her handler."

“She reacted really quickly, and she’s just amazing,” Cowley told The Telegraph. Jet has been receiving extra treats and cuddling since her heroic act.