Most of us have trouble squeezing time to go to the gym in between work, school, and home life. After a long day’s work, feelings of stress and tiredness overwhelm us, especially on the commute home while stuck in a traffic jam or a train delay. “Halfbike,” a tricycle with a plywood handlebar, claims to combine cycling and running all while serving as a personal vehicle for riders to commute short distances.

Woman riding Halfbike
Halfbike is a personal vehicle for riders to commute short distances. Photo courtesy of Kolelinia. Kolelinia

”It’s a vehicle that combines running and cycling, which turns out to be remarkably exciting and fun for getting around the city,” said Kolelinia, the Arizona-based design firm, in the press release. The bike is suitable for commuting distances of one to three miles, and it is small enough to carry around other places for longer trips. Halfbike is considered to be a much more simplified version of the bicycle and can be wheeled onto trams, metros, and buses.

Halfbike on the city street
Halfbike can be wheeled onto trams, metros, and buses. Photo courtesy of Kolelinia. Kolelinia

The creator of the one-wheel invention, Martin Angelov, shared that his inspiration for the Halfbike was based on his desire to simplify it and make it much more accessible for everyday use as urban transport. Angelov used old bicycles and parts he found in his attic to develop some of the early prototypes. After further development and experiments with various rider positions and prototypes later, Angelov and his small team reached the desired level of control. “What we have now is a patent pending new type of personal vehicle ready for the market,” he said.

Halfbike isn’t only practical for mobility, but great for “bike-jogging,” the Arizona firm claims, but is it a better form of cardio than bicycling or jogging alone?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, someone who weighs 150 lbs. who runs seven minutes per mile will burn about 1,000 calories per hour. Now, an 150-pound person who is pedaling at 16 to 19 miles per hour will burn approximately 850 calories. Halfbike is able to combine both forms of exercise into one session while eliminating the downside of running — injuries. Also, cycling is less strenuous on riders’ knees and joints, reducing the effects of muscle soreness. The tricycle may provide the benefits of cycling and running without the risk of physical injury.

Guy next to Halfbike on track
Halfbike combines running and cycling, also known as "bike-jogging." Photo courtesy of Kolelinia. Kolelinia

Last week, a crowd-funding campaign was held to raise $80,000 to put the Halfbike into mass production, with more than 60 backers who already pledged their support. The bike’s total cost is $899 — more than a one-year membership, and more than a jog or run around the park. However, if you’re tired of your morning commute and simply cannot find time to go to the gym, this may be the price you pay.