Few can resist a beautiful face, but new research suggests you may want to take caution before you start a relationship with someone too attractive, especially if it’s a handsome man. The study suggested that physically attractive men are more likely to look for new partners when they are dissatisfied with their current relationship.

The study, published online now in the journal Personal Relationships, suggested that relationships may be harder to maintain for more attractive men because they are quicker to look for greener pastures when they are unhappy with their mate than people who aren't so beautiful.

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While it’s commonly known that desirable people are more likely to catch the eye of potential dates, this study suggests that more attractive individuals are also more likely to be wooed by potential dates, especially when life at home isn’t happy. However, before you begin to get paranoid about the faithfulness of your own handsome husband, it must be stated that the attractiveness of the men in the study was based on the opinion of just two women, The Independent reported.

For the study, the team from Harvard University had two women rate the attractiveness of 238 men in their high school yearbook pictures. The Harvard team then looked up the men’s relationship history using Ancestry.com to determine whether they were married, and if they had ever been divorced over the course of the 30 years following their high school graduation. The men were purposely taken from both working class and upper class backgrounds, in order to prove that financial assets have nothing to do with your likeliness to be unfaithful.

Results revealed that men rated as more attractive were also more likely to be divorced, and more likely to have had shorter marriages.

The study also sought to determine whether a person’s own physical attraction would cause them to be more attracted to other people even while they were in a relationship. To do this, the team had volunteers look through a series of photos and comment on whether or not the were attracted to the individuals in the images. Results showed that individuals who viewed themselves as being more attractive were also more likely to admit being attracted to images in the photographs, despite being in a serious relationship.

While marrying an attractive person may put you at risk of being cheated on and left for another, what attractive people lack in morals, they may make up for in money. Other research suggests that more attractive individuals have a natural edge in life and find success easier than their less attractive peers. The study looked at the personalities of individuals of various levels of attraction and found that more attractive individuals also tended to have higher salaries, were more intelligent and healthy, and had personalities more likely to be described as “conscientious, extraverted and less neurotic.”

So it seems that attractive individuals really are the “package deal,” but unfortunately, you’re not the only person who thinks so. So if you are lucky enough to fall in love with someone who turns heads while walking down the street, treat them well, because they likely won’t have a problem walking out if you don’t. Or you could always look for the nice man who adores you.

Source: Ma-Kellams C, Wang MC, Cardiel H. Attractiveness and relationship longevity: Beauty is not what it is cracked up to be. Personal Relationships . 2017

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