There’s no doubt that smoking causes death, as it claims casualties of about 400,000 deaths in the United States alone, and is a major cause for diseases such as cancer and so and so forth. Since there are almost 4000 chemicals in a cigarette apart from the dreaded substance known as nicotine, other factors such as how many cigarettes one smokes every day as well as when the person began smoking as well.

So, here is a list of harmful effects that smoking has on every individual that smokes cigarettes:


According to research, when one smokes, one’s bones become weak and brittle. In particular, women who smoke tend to increase their chances of getting osteoporosis than those who do not.

Mouth and Throat

Not only can one have to deal with social stigma such as bad breath but heavy smoking can cause gum disease and destroy your sense of taste, to say the least. And if that’s not enough, it increases the risk of one getting cancer of the throat, lips, tongue, voice box and esophagus.


Since smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that is sent to you skin, this makes you skin look older in sharp contrast to your age.

Reproduction and Fertility

Smoking can cause impotency in both men and women. In particular, it can not only damage sperm, cause testicular cancer as well as reduce one’s sperm count.


Not only is one at the risk of getting stomach cancer as well as ulcers but this will result in damage to your organs as well not forgetting that you can also get cancer of the kidney, pancreas and the bladder.

Blood Circulation

Another aspect that smoking effects is blood circulation as the veins and arteries get narrower, harder and are coated with fatty deposits. This can lead to cramps, pains and blockages in your veins which lead to heart attacks against which there is no turning back.