Pick any discipline of exercise that you can think of, and they will either fall into the two broad categories of exercise, and this would either be aerobic or anaerobic exercise. While the conventional way of building body strength is by weight training, one can benefit from an aerobic exercise routine (cardiovascular training for about 20 to 40 minutes or so) as well.

So, here is a list of health benefits that are a part of cardiovascular exercise as well:

Benefit #1: Reduces risk of illnesses

Not only does cardiovascular exercise reduce one’s chances of getting heart disease and several types of cancer but it also reduces cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well as improves the immune system too.

Benefit #2: Increases mental health

And as this is not just about physical health as cardiovascular activity not only aids in dealing with depression and anxiety but also in building up one’s confidence. Interestingly, it also helps in dealing with stress and reducing the resting heart rate as well while also ensuring that you feel great after a workout, thanks to release of endorphins as well.

Benefit #3: Weight Loss and other physical health benefits

Almost every expert believes that if one wants to lose weight, they have to perform cardiovascular exercise. No amount of weight training will burn fat just as much as cardio does for you. Since your heart is a muscle, this will also increase the fitness levels of your heart while also results in improving the health of one’s lungs as well. Another big benefit from cardiovascular exercise is the increase in stamina and the metabolism rate for 24 hours.

Benefit #4: Other benefits

Among these benefits, it also has been found that cardiovascular training increases bone density and blood circulation while decreasing DOMS that usually occurs when one does weight training. And what’s more – cardiovascular exercise ensures that you live much longer as well!