While there are several vegetables and fruits that are considered to be beneficial for one’s health, one can confidently add chili peppers to that list as well. Although most folks will consider it too hot to add it to their meals, one thing is for sure is that this vegetable will do a lot for you when it comes to burning calories.

So, apart from helping you to lose weight, here is a list of health benefits that chili peppers have to offer:Keeps your feet warm.

If the winters cause your feet to freeze, then an excellent solution is to add some sprinkled cayenne pepper inside your shoes, and surprising as this benefit is, this will no doubt keep your feet warm during those cold winter nights.

Fights headaches

As the nutrient known as Capsaicin, gives chili peppers their hot flavor, this also inhibits a brain pain transmitter known as Substance P, and this in turn, reduces headaches whether they are migraine or sinus-based.

Fights Inflammation

The aforementioned substance known as Capsaicin, which stops Substance P, and thus prevents headaches, and in turn, also prevents inflammations as well.

Fights Cancer

The nutrient Capsaicin present in chili peppers causes prostate cancer cells to kill themselves, thus effectively slowing down the cancer tumor growth as well, and which can allow for a thorough treatment for those afflicted with prostate cancer.

Protects your heart

Capsaicin (yet again!) is known to reduce platelet aggregation, triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels as well while also being able to dissolve the substance known as fibrin, which is necessary for blood clots to form.

Lowers High Blood Pressure

Since chili peppers are rich in Vitamin A, C and Riboflavinoids, these nutrients strengthen our blood pressure, and this in turn, enables our body to adjust well to blood pressure fluctuations.