Almost everyone would have heard their mother talk about the risks of eating chocolate where this assumption was based on the fact that the excess consumption of chocolate caused obesity and dental problems.

However, this has done nothing to dim the popularity of the chocolate as more and more people love it, and in recent findings, it should be heartening to know that these myths that cause unnecessary guilt from the sinful delight of chocolate.

Dark chocolate, in particular, has several benefits as has been found for some time now and here they are:

Benefit #1: Boosts immunity

Chocolate contains flavonoids such as catechins and epicatchechins while dark chocolate contains more of the latter which boost immunity, thus preventing ailments from occurring.

Benefit #2: Increases heart health

Since dark chocolate contains antioxidants and polyphenols, these nutrients contribute greatly to improving one’s heart health while also preventing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Benefit #3: Cures Depression

In consuming a good amount of dark chocolate, one will be able to counter depression because the serotonin contained acts just as effectively as the anti-depressants that you can get over the counter.

Benefit #4: Drops Cholesterol levels

In a recent study, it has been revealed that in consuming dark chocolate one can reduce the bad cholesterol levels by 10 to 12 percent.

Benefit #5: Reduces stress

One can combat stress by consuming dark chocolate as this contains theobromine and caffeine which work as stimulants to produce endorphins that in turn, reduces stress levels by making one feel good.

Benefit #6: Increases Blood Circulation

Eating dark chocolate results in one not only feeling relaxed but also makes the blood vessels more flexible as well, while also boosting the functioning of endothelial cells which line the blood vessels as well. In addition, this contributes greatly to the reduction of risk of cardiovascular disease.