While the reasons for one to become a vegetarian can range anywhere from being a passionate animal rights activist to abstaining from meat for religious reasons or simply just to bring about a balance in your diet. One of the best reasons why people go “vegan” is simply because they believe in the health benefits that it has to offer.

And so, here is a list of health benefits in turning “vegan”:

Health Benefit #1: A safer source of Protein

While most people associate sources of protein stemming from red meat, this isn’t necessarily the case as there are certain plant protein sources such as soy products, lentils, peas, nuts and beans that can go up against animal protein sources in terms of the amount of protein available per serving.

Health Benefit #2: Reduction in saturated fats

While one does find meats to be a rich source of protein, one also has to consume the saturated fats that come along with it. This isn’t the case with going vegan, as one can obtain substantial amounts of protein minus the saturated fats. And this can improve your cardiovascular health by leaps and bounds as this means no cholesterol and therefore, no risk of heart disease.

Health Benefit #3: Antioxidants keep you healthier overall

Since vegetables are the main source of antioxidants, which serves an important role in eliminating the harmful free radicals from your body, this can result in improved overall health, thanks to the protection of your body’s cells from these free radicals.

Health Benefit #4: Phytochemicals

Plants are the major source of these nutrients that play a large role in not only keeping the body healthier while lowering the risk of several diseases while working in conjunction with antioxidants but also boosting the immune system (by boosting the protecting enzymes produced) to a large extent.