While it might seem pretty obvious that one feels better as soon as they laugh, this is especially true when experiencing negative emotion such as irritation, anger, depression and so on and so forth. Most experts consider that the more you laugh, this leads to a fuller and happier life thus validating the saying, “He who laughs, lasts”.

But are there any specific health-related benefits to laughter?

The answer to that question is an affirmative one, and so here are some of the benefits that one can obtain from laughing more:

1. Since laughter is contagious (since most people tend to join in with you), it not only makes one feel better about themselves but also has other people who have joined in the laughter to feel better too.

2. Endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers, are released when one laughs (and when one works out too), and which make people feel good about themselves.

3. Since laughter results in the decrease of stress hormones (which suppress immune activity), this results in the increase of immune activity which is obviously good for one’s health.

4. While they say that laughter is the best medicine, experts reveal that it is so when it comes to heart disease. According to a study, it was found that patients with heart disease were less likely to laugh as opposed to people without heart disease would.

5. Laughter releases the tension and stress that can build up over a period of time, and also works as a wonderful way to build relationships and break barriers especially for shy people.

6. According to experts, laughter is equal a decent amount of exercise as it massages all the organs in the body.

7. And if you have a sense of humor (and laugh often at your struggles and challenges), not only will this inspire other people but it will also help you look at the brighter side of life, and this leads to a more positive and balanced outlook that positively impacts your health in many ways.