The mango has been posthumously given the title ‘king of fruits’, and there are several reasons why, thanks to the slew of benefits that one can get from eating this fruit. While the caveat is that one can only obtain this fruit during the summer, of which about 40 to 60 percent has to be sourced from either Burma or India, the costs will pale in comparison to the benefits that this fruit has to offer.

So here is a list of health benefits of mangoes:

Good eyesight

While one cup of sliced mangoes provides at least 25 percent of Vitamin A that is required on a daily basis, there is no doubt that this contributes to good eye sight. If that’s not enough, mangoes also prevent night blindness, softening of the cornea, dryness of the eyes, itching and burning of the eyes and refractive errors and so on and so forth.


Mangoes have digestive enzymes that help breakdown protein as well as help digestion while also containing enzymes that soothe the stomach by preventing acidity and poor digestion. In addition to this, one can also expect to avoid constipation due to the large amounts of fiber present in mangoes.

Better sex

The Vitamin E in mangoes boosts one’s sex drive by regulating the sex hormones in one’s body.

Boosts memory

Glutamine acid, which is present in adequate quantities in mangoes, is known to be beneficial to children by boosting their memory.

Softer and glowing skin

While eating mangoes keeps your skin soft and glowing, it also has benefits when one applies mango pulp to their skin for at least 10 minutes (before washing it off) to their skin as doing this will relieve the clogged pores of their skin, thus reducing acne that is a common problem.