Health benefits of resveratrol

Discovered in grapes and red wine, this miracle molecule is nature's way of fighting disease. Resveratrol studies in animals have shown antioxidant and anti inflammatory activity. It has also been shown to inhibit the breakdown of normal heart tissue and increase the lifespan of some animals. In recent human studies resveratrol has shown increased mitchondrial efficiency and increased blood flow to the brain during the performance of cognitive tasks. In another study resveratrol improved insulin resistance and improved plasma clucose levels after a meal. In addition, resveratrol increases energy and endurance, improves sleep, helps with weight management and increases mental focus.

What to Consider when Choosing a Quality Resveratrol Supplement

What the product is made from – you should be looking for an all-natural supplement, made without the use of animal products, preservatives, GMOs or synthetics. This means that your body only feels the Resveratrol, and not any of the undesirable side effects of artificial fillers. Whether the supplements come from a recognised, trusted brand – when you buy a supplement, you should be looking to purchase from a company with a proven history, for added peace of mind.

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