The cost of employer-based health care coverage for singles and families rose 8 and 9 percent respectively in 2011, as total costs were $5,429 for individuals and $15,073 for families, according to a survey.

The average single and family health insurance premiums rose from January through May of 2011, according to a survey of nonfederal private and public employers with more than three workers. The survey was released by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Education Trust.

The results of the survey come from 2,088 businesses that responded.

The study also found that since 2001, family premiums have risen 113 percent, compared with 34 percent for workers’ wages and 27 percent for inflation.

"This year’s nine percent increase in premiums is especially painful for workers and employers struggling through a weak recovery," Kaiser President and CEO Drew Altman, Ph.D. said.

The study also found that 31 percent of covered workers were in high-deductible plans of at least $1,000 and 12 percent at least with deductibles of $2,000.

Covered workers at smaller companies (with 3 to 199 workers) were moer likely to face higher deductibles, with more than half facing at least $1,000 in deductibles and 28 percent facing deductibles of $2,000 or more.

Average Premiums

The average premium for single coverage in 2011 is $452 per month, or $4,429 per year

The average premium for family coverage is $1,256 per month or $15,073 per year.