After waves of criticism surrounding a health initiative dubbed "I'm happy being a prostitute," the Brazilian Health Ministry has announced it will be dropping the AIDS awareness campaign.

Representative of the Health Ministry, Alexandre Padilha claims approval to post the controversial title on the Ministry's website and Facebook did not come from any of the higher-ups.

"For as long as I remain in office, an ad like that will not be part of our campaigns," Padilha told Agencia Estado. "I do not think this is a message the ministry should be sending."

Despite the campaign's goal to educate employees of the world's oldest profession on the benefits of condom use, critics like federal deputy Liliam Sá said the title only glorifies prostitution, Reuters reported.

"We are fighting childhood prostitution and here comes a campaign encouraging it," Sá said at a congressional committee hearing.

According to a study released by Brazil's Health Ministry, around 10.3 million people in Brazil have been affected by a sexually transmitted disease (STD) in their lifetime. The result of this analysis also showed that 18 percent of men and 11.4 percent of women who show signs of an STD refuse treatment.