For those who went to the Ravens-Lions game on August 17, you may be at risk for rabies.

During the NFL preseason match, a bat landed on a spectator sitting in the 500 section of the M&T Bank Stadium. It is unclear whether the bat actually carried rabies, because the football fan brushed the animal away. However, health officials are concerned that other spectators made contact with the animal. Consequently, they are concerned about the spread of the virus.

In a statement made by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, officials said, "Bats are an important part of our environment; however, they can sometimes be infected with rabies. Rabies is a viral disease of mammals that can be transmitted by infectious saliva, usually through a bite."

Officials ask anyone who was in the 500 section of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions to call their local health department.

Rabies is a virus that is transmitted via animal bites. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first symptoms of rabies often seem flu-like, fevers, weakness and headaches. There may also be itching at the sign of the bite. These symptoms may last a few days. After that, as the disease progresses, the victim may suffer from delirium, insomnia, and hallucinations. Without treatment, the virus is almost always fatal.

However, current methods of treatment are quite effective. Currently, humans exposed to the virus receive four rounds of vaccines over the course of two weeks, as well as rabies immunoglobulin, an antibody.

Health officials said in a statement that rabies can change animals' behavior, making animals that are usually aloof into abnormally friendly creatures. On the other end of spectrum, pets and other domestic animals may become aggressive. They say to vaccinate your animals against rabies, as well as to avoid touching wildlife.

More than 200 animals this year have been diagnosed with rabies in Maryland alone. Among them were 40 bats and one deer.

To add insult to possible rabies injury, the Lions won the game: 27-12.