A decline in calcium levels and weakness are main reasons for back pain in women. Back pain is especially common in women working with heavy weights, homemakers, with improper diet pattern and in their menopausal phase.
Herbs are employed as natural remedies to back pain. Herbs function as calming and soothing pain relievers in maintaining proper blood circulation and a healthy nervous system.

Some ways to cure back pain are as follows:

Tip #1: Experts recommend a daily intake of 2 to 3 drops of pineapple extract with tea. Pineapple extracts are used to treat inflammation.

Tip #2: Chamomile extracts also available in capsule form, can soothe joints and muscles. Chamomile tea is given to joint pain patients thrice every day.

Tip #3: The new juice of yarrow, balm of lemon and valerian tea can also heal muscle pain.

Tip #4: Strong heat in the paining regions can be relieved by using a pack of white and black mustards.

Tip #5: The extracts of burdock that soothe and purify the blood are used to treat back pain in women. Lower back pain can be relieved by horsetail heals that affect blood tissues and stabilize the workings of the stomach.

Tip #6: Ayurveda and naturopathic treatment uses Red pepper and Cayenne pepper (together called Hot peppers) for treatment of pain, plasters and broken places. Red pepper available in paste or powder form has pain relieving chemicals and salicylates. Red pepper is administered by mixing with cream or lotion and Cayenne pepper is mixed with alcohol.

Tip #7: A paste of garlic can treat back pain and swellings. Raw garlic when eaten early morning functions as a pain reliever.

Tip #8: Spasmodic pain can be treated using the American Indian medicine containing cramp bark and black haw. This remedy has been in effect for ages in the treatment of arthritis and menstruation cramps. Cramp bark and black haw contain scopoletin and esoouletin used in tinctures and essential oils.