We love finding clever ways to make our lives easier, whether it's a tip for fitting in the best workout for our schedule, or what kinds of foods are best for weight loss. Soldiers are no different; they often face tough conditions even when they're not actively engaged in battle, and they've come up with some ingenious solutions for beating everything from jet lag to dehydration. Here are four life hacks courtesy of the military you can co-opt for your own life.

Beating Jet Lag

A military study conducted in 2002 found that soldiers who went on the argonne diet were seven times less likely to experience jet lag. Created in the 80’s, the diet begins four days before you arrive at your destination according to the New York Times. Day one consists of a high-protein breakfast and lunch and a dinner high in carbohydrates. Day two is a controlled fast, eating light food such as salads and soups. Day three is a repeat of day one. On day four, the same day as your flight, repeat the fast day but also eat a high-protein breakfast during the breakfast time at your destination city.

Water-Filled Condom

Don’t forget to bring protection against dehydration. Soldiers deployed in hot, dry areas such as the desert fill condoms with water to help keep them hydrated against the scorching heat. According to India Times, a condom can carry as much as one liter of water, which could prove to be vital in an emergency situation. Stock up on condoms for your car, or you can even carry one in the classic location — your wallet.

Military Energy Gum

When you feel tired but are trying to pull an all-nighter, try chewing a piece of military energy gum. Coffee is commonly used to help people stay up late, with a tall cup of coffee from Starbucks containing 260 milligrams of caffeine. One piece of military energy gum contains 100 milligrams of caffeine, according to Amazon. A 2005 study showed soldiers who took caffeine when sleep deprived performed better than those who hadn't had caffeine. The gum is available for purchase at Amazon.

Sock Water

Soldiers deployed in the desert use this life hack to keep their water cold while on patrol. A sock is hung from a string in the shade and a water bottle is placed inside, and water from another water bottle soaks the sock. Lance Cpl. Cory Bennett explained to the New York Times that as the water evaporates and the sock dries, the temperature of the water bottle drops by as much as 30 degrees.

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