For those of us who don’t find running, biking, or swimming to be an enjoyable activity, boxing is the perfect cardio exercise. Spending up to an hour on the punching bag or sparring can burn anywhere between 354 and 838 calories. Now, before you wrap up your hands and put on the gloves, let’s take a look at how to throw a perfect punch according to science — a punch that you hopefully won’t have to use on anything other than a punching bag.

First, close your fingers into a fist with your thumb wrapped around the outside. Keeping it tucked inside of your other four fingers is a one way ticket to a broken thumb. Make sure your grip is tight, but comfortable. Next, square up to your target with your dominant arm and leg toward the back of your body. Keep your knees slightly bent and feet ready because that’s where your punch is going to start from.

Energy for your punch will begin down at your feet, travel up your legs and hips, makes its way around all the muscles in your back, chest, and shoulders, and down your arms before finally reaching your fists. Relying on the power and strength in your arms alone will only lead to a feeble punch that won’t even deter the weakest of targets. Finish your punch by hitting the target with the flat of your fingers just below the knuckle. Remember to snap your arm back into place so you’re ready for your opponent's counter punch.