Haters gonna hate because science.

Plethrons, a website dedicated to going “beyond the obvious,” rounded up and illustrated the research that pinpoints specific habits and personalities that make someone, well, hate you. The more photos a person shares on Facebook, for example, decreases levels of intimacy and closeness IRL. Frequent photos also inadvertently inspire followers to hate on their body.

Atheists and rapists have long ranked among the most disliked groups in America, one of which is more obvious than the other. Apparently, most people find they can’t trust atheists — neither as a presidential candidate nor a future son- or daughter-in-law. And in a study where participants were asked to choose between an atheist or rapist as most likely to damage a car without leaving a note, participants chose the atheist.

From there, it boils down to that one scene in The Grinch where he’s categorizing those he hates alphabetically: More prone to sweat? I hate you. Social, political, or environmental activist? Hate, hate, hate. Feminist? Double-hate. Women more successful than men? Loathe entirely. You can watch the video below for the specific, sometimes weird reasons why.

There’s another theory as to why one may encounter so many haters, and it has to do with their attitude. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, a dispositional attitude means a person is hardwired to have a stronger tendency to dislike, rather than like, someone or something. So in the same way you can’t really control some of what feeds the haters, you can’t really control them either. Sigh.