A shooting in the Miami suburb of Hialeah, Fla. on Friday left 7 people dead, including the gunman (later identified as Pedro Vargas), who was eventually shot by SWAT teams after holding tenants in an apartment complex hostage.

"This is one of the worst shootings we've probably had ever in Hialeah," police spokesman Carl Zogby said.

Reports early Saturday morning say that Vargas was approached by the apartment complex's property managers Samira and Italo Pisciotti at his apartment to resolve an ongoing dispute around 6:30 p.m. on Friday.

When officers discovered that there were six people dead at the scene, including the Pisciottis, they attempted to negotiate with Vargast to avoid him killing his two hostages. But negotiations did not seem to be working, which prompted officers to descend upon the complex in the early Saturday morning and shot the suspect before he could claim any more victim's lives.

"The end result: seven people have lost their lives in this incident, six innocent victims and the one shooter," Zogby said. "Now starts the investigation, how and why this happened."

Three men and three women were killed by the gunman. Shamira Pisciotti, the Pisciotti's daughter, said she saw her parents lying on the ground after hearing the initial gun shots.

"I guess there was an altercation and the person opened fire on both of them. My mom was dead the moment that she was shot and my dad still had a pulse when I got to him," Shamira Pisciotti said.

Now, as police turn towards investigating the incident — which left the entire town and its surrounding areas on lockdown for most of the night — there is still so much information to piece together.

"Investigators are talking with families of the victims, neighbors, people that were present when all this began," Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez told the Associated Press. "That way we can start to piece together this huge puzzle that we're working with."