Hiccups may stick around only for a few minutes, but they are annoying.

One may have a fit of hiccups when the diaphragm, the muscle below the lungs, twitches repeatedly. This makes the vocal cords close fast, causing air to rush in, which leads to that "hiccup" sound.

In case you are having a bad case of hiccups, try these simple remedies for an instant cure.

Cover your mouth

Place your hands over your nose and mouth and keep breathing in the meanwhile. This will stop the hiccups because of the extra dose of carbon dioxide you are receiving.

Swallow something sweet

A spoonful of sugar is a popular hiccup cure as the graininess might stimulate the vagus nerve, which interferes with the hiccup reflex, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Plug your ears

Either shut your ears for 20-25 seconds or fold in the earlobes to cover your ear's openings. This method has proven to stop the hiccups almost in an instant by sending a message to relax the diaphragm through the vagus nerve.

Stick out your tongue

Sticking out your tongue when no one's watching can actually help with hiccups. Singers and actors use this trick because it stimulates the opening between their vocal cords, called the glottis. When you do this, it helps you breathe more smoothly and calms those annoying hiccups. Harvard Medical School even says gently pulling on your tongue might make it work even better.

Drink water fast

Take 10 back-to-back sips from a glass without stopping. Gulping down quickly encourages rhythmic contractions of the esophagus, which overrides the spasms of the diaphragm and saves you from hiccups.

Breathe into a paper bag

At the onset of hiccups, breathe slowly and deeply into a small paper bag (stop if you feel dizzy). This might work because it increases the carbon dioxide in your blood, making your diaphragm contract more deeply to get more oxygen.

It's not scientifically proven, and only gives you momentary relief from hiccups, according to Mayo Clinic.

Suck on a lemon

Sucking on a lemon wedge is a simple and popular remedy for hiccups. When you bite or suck on the lemon, it can interrupt the hiccup reflex, providing relief. For even better results, you can soak the lemon wedge in non-alcoholic bitters before using it.