Jon Feinstein, curator, photographer, and co-founder of the non-profit Humble Arts Foundation, is known for his imaginative contributions to the photography community. His latest round of fast-food photos taken under a high-resolution scanner show just how unappetizing popular menu items at restaurant chains actually look.

“Since the 1950's fast food has become so global that its icons are often as recognizable as popular historical figures—its image heavily absorbed into the public unconscious,” Feinstein states on his website.

Each menu item is pictured with its fat content in grams; however, the fast food chain that sells these items is not identified, Visual News reported. The photos taken by Feinstein, using a high-resolution scanner on deep black backgrounds, include hamburgers, French fries, chicken nuggets, and “specialty” sandwiches.

“Under austere, uniform lighting; stripped of branding, packaging and iconography, the food takes on a scientific, yet ethereal quality that is at times both revolting and mouthwatering,” Feinstein said.

“These photographs investigate the love/hate relationship that many Americans have with fast food, and, like many other aspects of popular culture, its ability to be simultaneously seductive and repulsive.”

See if you can guess which fast food delicacies appear under Feinstein’s high-resolution scanner: