HimalayaUSA said Tuesday it is voluntarily recalling two batches of Organique by Himalaya Nourishing Night Cream out of “an abundance of safety,” effective immediately.

The company said the bacteria staphylococcus aureus and fungus were found present in batch samples that were traced to the product’s bottle pump components, which were supplied by a third party manufacturer.

The firm said Microbes are found in the environment and are frequently seen as normal flora found on skin, though they may become opportunistic in immunocompromised people or if introduced to broken skin.

The recalled batches are #S691001 and #S691002. Both the bacteria and fungus were found in samples of Nourishing Night Cream batch #S691001. While no microbes were found in batch #S691002, the same pump components may have been used in its manufacturing.

“As there is no way to determine if all pumps used contained these microbes, HimalayaUSA is recalling the entire batch,” the company said.

It advises consumers return the product to the point of purchase or directly to HimalayaUSA immediately for a refund or replacement to ensure safety.

All other Nourishing Night Cream batches have been batch tested and are free from any contamination, the company said.

The recalled product was distributed nationwide in the U.S. and in Canada. Consumers can determine the difference between the batches by looking on the numbers located on the bottom of the bottle.

This particular product is sold in a cylinder shaped teal bottle with an orange cap.