Drug abuse, sex stimulants, and a psychological break down. The medical secrets of infamous German leader Adolf Hitler have been released by new American Military Intelligence, and the results reveal crystal methamphetamines were weaved into his daily drug concoction. Last year, German Nobel prize winner Heinrich Böll's letters were published, confirming Nazi troops took meth to stay awake and motivated on the front line.

Hitler commanded German forces throughout World War II as the dictatorial leader of the Nazi Party, beginning his reign in 1933. He moved swiftly and with calculated precision as he took over the country and convinced them a pure Aryan race devoid of Jews would be the perfect world. He was convinced a person’s attitudes, abilities, and behavior were determined by a racial background, and so he spent his life persuading others to believe the same. In what could only be named the Holocaust, a word defined as the destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, two out of every three Jews living in Europe had been killed by 1945.

As a reflection, it seems too dark and forlorn of a theory for people to believe, but Hitler was charismatic, cunning, and determined to ultimately rule the world. A man who lived out his rule under the guidance of a potent high was able to convince armies to kill more than six million Jews. The 47-page report compiled during the war reports Hitler was “a regular meth user,” which may explain his nausea, delusions of power, increased aggressiveness, irritability, insomnia, confusion, hallucinations, anxiety, and paranoia.

For over 10 years, Germany was led by a drug addict who juggled 74 different drugs, barbiturate tranquilizers, morphine, and injections of bull’s semen to boost his libido. Now we know meth was the foundation of his leadership, his hours-long nonsensical ramblings in meetings with Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini in the summer of 1943 makes more sense.

The man behind the prescription pad was Dr. Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician for nine years, who was disliked by many of the Fuhrer’s brigade. He was branded as a quack and blamed for Hitler’s failing health and unruly addictions. They even suspected him of being a double agent with the special mission of intentionally drugging down the demonic dictator. When the Americans interrogated Morell, they found he had Hitler undergo 28 different medical treatments, turning his treatments into a cocktail of trial and error.

Hitler was trapped in a rapid cycling without breaks of sobriety between 1942 and 1945. For years, he started his morning with a mixture of cocaine and heroin to keep him alert in addition to laxatives for weight loss. However, the laxatives of the 1940s were crude and painful. He turned to pain killers for relief and found himself gaining the weight despite his efforts.

The routine was crippling, and black and white video footage captures his uncontrollable shaking hand hidden behind his back as he greeted brainwashed troops and townsfolk. He created a zombie nation with an elbow-locked upturned arm and an iron fist clenched tightly around a mixed bag of drugs.