Children and adults tend to over-indulge on yummy treats that are filled with sugar. Studies have shown that people, especially those who are overweight, tend to gain weight during the brief winter break.

Studies on weight gain during winter holidays have shown that interventions aimed at reducing weight gain during holiday season can be an effective strategy in controlling weight.

Deborah Boutwell, a dietician at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center offers simple tips that can help kids avoid excess weight gain during the holiday season.

Tips to reduce weight gain during holidays:

  • Have a plan - if you know that you will be eating out then plan accordingly. Let the kids eat some fruits or a small piece of low-fat cheese before the event.
  • The one trip rule - this is a great way to monitor a child's diet during the dinner. Maintain a one trip policy meaning that the children can make one trip through the food line but will have to ask you before going to get an extra serving of a food.
  • Start off with fruits and veggies. This will encourage your kids to make more healthy food choices.
  • Limit food serving.
  • Ensure that the kids get at least one healthy meal during the day. Not eating for longer duration will only make them (and you) eat more at an event.
  • Let the kids eat their last sweet treat at least one hour before bedtime. Sweets contain a lot of sugar that can disturb the child's sleep and mood.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), More than 17 percent or about 12.4 million children and teenagers are affected by obesity. Experts say that healthy diet coupled with physical exercise can help children control weight.