The next time you plan a vacation, do so with the knowledge that the more such holidays you take, the longer you are likely to live.

Recent studies conducted in Australia suggest that frequent getaways can really prolong your life span as holidays not only uplift the spirits but also enhance vigor and vitality in the human body.

In fact the study says that the benefits of a holiday do not stop there. Vacations also provide greater vitality through reduced stress and lessen physical ailments – both critical components of enjoying a longer life.

The researchers found that a break from the regular routine provides a chance to bond with others, explore interests and relax, all being key ingredients for a happy existence.

According to the study, vacations provide three main elements of happiness. Firstly, the thought of going on a vacation evokes positive emotions like joy, interest, love and contentment in the traveller. While the second benefit is that it gives them a sense of purpose and finally it increases a sense of involvement.

"Happiness is good for overall physical and mental health and holidays are a good vehicle for experiencing happiness. Holidays may possibly lead to people living longer, as holidays make people happy," says Dr. Sebastian Filep, expert in travel and wellbeing at Victoria University, Australia.

As part of his research, Dr. Filep sent out questionnaires to 60 travellers and 200 backpackers about their various vacations. He later used many of these responses in his book “Tourists, Tourism and the Good Life”.

A thorough analysis of the gathered data revealed that for travel buffs, the entire process of planning and dreaming of a vacation itself was extremely enjoyable.

He noted that the motivation for the trip, the interesting time spent at the destination, and then reminiscing about it by looking at holiday snaps is a euphoric experience that goes a long way in reducing stress levels and energizing a person.

Happiness is the opposite of depression. If thinking about a holiday, going on a holiday and remembering a holiday plays a role in making people happy, than prescribing holidays or travel could help beat depression, says Dr. Filep.