In today’s society, “gender norms” are becoming a thing of the past. But, a new analysis, which relied on the American Time Use Study, has found that men who make less money than wives typically do less housework.

Husband-and-wife researchers Dan Cassino and Yasemin Besen-Cassino revealed that in female-breadwinner households, the greater the income disparity, the less housework the husband does. They examined data from between 2002 and 2010.

“A wife who earns an extra thousand dollars a week can only expect her husband to do an extra 11 minutes a day of housework if she makes more than he does,” the Cassinos wrote. “If she makes less than he does, adding an extra thousand dollars a week means that he’s going to do an extra 27 minutes of housework a day.”

Meanwhile, as men earn more, women spend less time cooking. This happens at a rate of about 1 minute per $1,000 of weekly income, The Atlantic reported.

There is one exception to these chores, though: cooking.

The researchers speculate that cooking could be considered more “manly,” because it is more of a leisure activity than a chore. Cassino’s study also revealed that the more their wives earned, the more time the actually men spent in the kitchen.

“Cooking is not seen as being as intertwined with masculinity as housework,” the study stated. “Preparing food can easily involve the use of specialized equipment and techniques, a craft that men can be proud of their prowess in.”

Source: Besen-Cassino Y, Cassino D. Division of House Chores and the Curious Case of Cooking: The Effects of Earning Inequality on House Chores among Dual-Earner Couples. AboutGender . 2016.

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