Alcohol affects men and women differently, and this infographic from Visually depicts how alcohol abuse is different for females. According to WebMD, alcohol abuse differs from regular consumption when habits become unhealthy or dangerous, as in frequently binge drinking.

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Visually reports that about six million women abuse alcohol. Additionally, one in 10 drinkers will have more than one beverage a day. There are certain factors that are associated with an increased chance of alcohol abuse. Women with partners who drink a lot, have been abused physically or sexually, report being depressed, have family members with alcohol problems, or think they are good at holding their liquor have been linked to excessive drinking.

According to Visually, there are several reasons that alcohol affects women differently than men. One is that women typically weigh less. Lower body weight means more of your cells are exposed to alcohol, the website explains. Females also have a smaller quantity of a stomach enzyme that helps process alcohol. In addition, men have more water in their bodies which helps to dilute the substance.

Alcohol can take its toll on a woman’s body, as seen in the infographic. Drinking can lead to a wide variety of problems such as eating disorders, depression, drug abuse and anxiety. Not only that, but excess alcohol has been linked to a higher chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer and liver, brain, and heart problems.

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Liquor takes a toll on more than just your body. WebMd discusses other issues that can arise from alcohol abuse such as relationship, work and legal problems. If the problem worsens, abuse can lead to alcohol dependence, or alcoholism. WebMd describes this as being physically or mentally addicted and can be diagnosed by a medical professional.

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