Doctors and other medical professionals earn a living keeping people healthy and, at times, saving lives. Sometimes, even though they’ve seen all sorts of mishaps and accidents and diseases, doctors can be seriously shocked by what people go through and manage to survive. In a recent Reddit thread, five medical professionals shared their craziest stories about people who, despite incredible odds, survived.

The Man With A Hanging Eyeball

Noimnotonacid wrote: "When I was in trauma surgery in upstate by, got a notification about a man who was shot three times in the head. He comes in, literally one eye hanging out of the socket, blood everywhere, and he's slumped forward. Apparently he was shot in the temple, exited out his right eye socket, in the nose exited from the roof of the mouth, and In the cheek one with exit from the side of the head. At this point I'm thinking they just brought him in so we can pronounce him in the ER because he looked dead. I go to examine him and tilt his head back, and he's says "yoooo be gentle!!!!" I jump back and scream like a little boy, as did everyone in the room. Literally the bullets missed his brain in every single shot.”

The Guy Who Landed On His Head

Derp43 wrote: “Paramedic here. I ran a call on a guy that was ejected out of a late 80s mustang. The guy said the car rolled two times before pitching him out of the driver's side window. He said he landed on his head and the 7-inch scalp avulsion seemed to corroborate his story. The car was completely crushed and sitting on its top. The guy wanted to refuse treatment and transport. GCS 15 and never lost consciousness. I insisted though that he be seen at the ER. He rode the whole way texting people. When I told him that he shouldn't be alive he said "Yeah, I got a hard nugget.””

The Girl Who Got Run Over…On Purpose

FightClubLeader wrote: “My friend's father is an Orthopedic Surgeon and he told us a story that once a boyfriend and girlfriend came in because they tried an in-home abortion. By running her pelvis over with a car... Abortion worked but I hope they actually never reproduce.”

The Man Who Was Decapitated

Traumatron wrote: “Internal decapitation. Only saw it once, guy walked into the ER after a car wreck saying "I'm a little banged up, my neck kinda hurts, I thought I'd better get checked out." We're all laughing and joking with him, I stick a C collar on per protocol, and we take him to get a CT scan. No biggie. I'm thinking he'll be walking out in a couple hours with a script for Norco and a couple days off work. Then the scan comes back. The attending MD ran into the room and starts barking orders. "Call Neuro! Call trauma surgery! Call spine! Don't let this guy move another f---ing inch!" Needless to say, the patient was fairly alarmed."

The Guy Who Was Just Plain Lucky

captain_malpractice wrote: “We have a patient we see at our hospital monthly. Young guy, early 20s, absolute turd to take care off. He has diabetes and essentially refuses to take his insulin. He comes in every time with diabetic ketoacidosis, which is essentially your body going into a coma-like state due to your blood pH becoming acidotic and very elevated sugars.

The impressive part isn't that he survives this, most people do. It's that this is a recurring event EVERY month and each time someone manages to find him/get him to the hospital. If he was ever alone when this occurred and no one found him in a timely fashion, he'd be toast. Been seeing him regularly at the hospital for the last 18 months I've been here.”

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