You know what they say — the grass is always greener on the other side. But, how much does our personal perspective, and our pasts, affect how we feel about relationships?

When you’re paired up, it’s normal to crave autonomy from time to time. In The School of Life’s new video, “Why it Probably Wasn’t Better Being Single,” the perks and independence of single life can overshadow the reality, and drown out the downsides of living without a partner.

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According to the video, an emotionally “bruising fight with our partner” can cause the brain to forget the downsides of singledom. Our memories of our single pasts are not reliable evidence of how life would be without our current partner.

Previous research has identified similar happenings with the mind’s memory. Medical Daily reported that certain phenomena occur in the brain to make people believe that they know more than they do, or that they have superior reasoning.

Want to know more about how our memories can trick us, especially in romantic relationships? Check out the video above.

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