You probably haven’t thought about it much, but you may have been eating hamburgers the wrong way your entire life. But have no fear. Japanese scientists have developed an ideal way to hold and eat a hamburger, and shared it so that you don’t have to be in the dark anymore.

According to, three expert researchers in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry have determined the best way to indulge in a large hamburger. They spent four months formulating the best technique. Their research showed that most people eat burgers with their thumbs on the bottom and the rest of their fingers on top, which forces all of the contents out and makes for a pretty messy ordeal.

But if you eat a burger with your thumbs and pinky fingers on the bottom for balance, and your three middle fingers at the top, it divides the burger evenly and makes for less spillage. It’s science! Though, Kotaku notes, you won’t be able to eat fries at the same time. Watch this video from and make sure you eat your burgers the right way from now on: