Are you very good at recalling names and/or faces? Or does it take a while to jog your memory? Researchers at Washington University, St. Louis, are calling for people to participate in their face-name memory test.

The test is accessible through a computer, smartphone, iPad and other mobile devices. It has become a part of the "crowd sourcing" trend where the internet allows massive information, as well as allowing thousands to participate to learn something about themselves.

According to David Balota, PhD, a professor of psychology in Arts and Sciences, "It's a simple test that only takes about 10 minutes to complete. We're finding that people really seem to enjoy being tested this way."

Volunteers who participate in the test not only contribute to the science of memory but also obtain feedback regarding their own face-name memory performance. Following the exam, participants will be provided with a ballpark estimate of their face-name memory IQ score, compared to others who have also taken the test.

Researchers Mary Psyc, PhD and postdoctoral research associate in psychology, alongside Todd Sproull, PhD and a lecturer in computer science, helped develop the online test. Students from the Washington University's Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA) internship program also assisted in the development.

The test was created to be both fun and educational. Like many things accessible through the internet, it is easy to share among friends. Currently, researchers are investigating the use of social media and other platforms to engage individuals, as well as spread the word about the experiment. They hope to get as many people as possible to partake in the online assessment.

"In addition to better understanding memory for faces and names in a diverse population, we are interested in the range of memory on an immediate test, and how this is related to one's memory one day later," Balota told LiveScience in an email.

If you are interested in taking the test visit