The 'eight glasses of water a day rule,’ or the idea that we all need to drink a specific amount of water, has been debunked. But, how much water is really necessary to stay hydrated?

In Brit Lab’s new video, “How Much Water Do I Need to Drink?” host Dr. Michael Mosley addresses myths about how much water we need on a daily basis.

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According to Mosley, women generally require around 2 liters of water a day and men need three, or about 15 glasses. But, some of the water that we consume does not come from liquid. Food contains water, and meals fill a portion of the daily requirement, meaning you probably don't need to drink as much as you think.

Have you also heard that "once you’re feeling thirsty, your body is already dehydrated?" The video debunks that rumor, too.

“In essence, trust your senses. Do drink plenty of fluid, but don’t worry too much about whether it’s eight or more glasses,” Mosley concludes.

Want to know more about how much water your body needs? Watch the video above.

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